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PDK McIntosh Trail Chapter Application
Our Purpose
Becoming a Kappan
President's Message
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Join the McIntosh Trail Chapter #1535 of Phi Delta Kappa International
The Leading Association for Educators
Application for Chapter Affliliation 2011-2012
YES!  I want to join the McIntosh Trail Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa International to stay current and to advocate for public education.
Full Name (Last/First/Middle)____________________________

Home Mailing Address__________________________________


Phones (h)______________________(w)_____________



School Address_______________________________________

PDK International Dues            $70.00
Chapter Dues                            $20.00
Initiation Dues                            $  5.00
TOTAL:                                      $95.00
Membership begins with the applicant's complete application, receipt of check, and chapter's report to Phi Delta Kappa International. Formal Chapter initiation will be scheduled at a planned meeting date. 
Please mail this application and a check for $95.00 (payable to McIntosh Trail Chapter of PDK) to:
McIntosh Trail Chapter of PDK # 1535
c/o  Tereasa Lynch
36 Sprayberry Road
Newnan, GA 30263
Nominating Kappan___________________________________________
Kappan E-mail_______________________________________________________

You can print this page and mail it along with your payment.