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FOCUS ON ASPERGER'S with speaker, Tiffany Moody
Thursday, September 15  6:30pm  Carl Miller Park, Pavillion 4
Tiffany Moody has offered to spend an evening discussing Asperger's in the classroom and giving teachers tools to help facilitate learning with students who have this disability.
PDK, FEA, Administrators, Teachers, and Parents are encouraged to attend.

Chick Fil A PDK Fundraiser Night
Help Support Local PDK Community

2011-2012 Fundraisers
Our Fundraisers our back and we appreciate your help and support from the past year.  Check our Calendar for upcoming Fundraiser dates.  Please join us and support PDK and FEA !!
Fundraiser Dates:  Chick Fil A Dwarfhouse in Newnan
**October 13th **       5pm-8pm
We need your help.  If you can commit to an hour of your time, it would help our fundraising event be successful.  Questions?  Contact Marilu Poole  or Tereasa Lynch

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PDK/FEA Fundraisers: Poinsetta Sale
Poinsetta sale dates:  November 14-28, 2011

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Kappans in the Spotlight

If you know of a Kappan who has news to publish, please contact our webmaster.

If you have any information about past or present Kappans, please let us know so we can put it in our newsletter and on our site.  We want to keep in touch with our Kappans and know what everyone is up to.  Thanks for your help !


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McIntosh Trail Newsletter
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PDK will be known as PDK International Family of Associations
PDK International * Phi Lambda Theta *
*Future Educators Association *
* Phone 812-339-1156 *
*Toll Free 800-766-1156*
*408 N. Union Street *
*P.O. Box 7888*
*Bloomington, IN 47407-7888*