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Fill out the form below for Dinner reservations.  Please help us make our meeting attendance accurate so we keep our costs down.  Thanks !

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Do you Plan to Attend August 13th meeting at Chick Fil A Dwarfhouse ?
How many, including yourself, plan to attend ? (please add comments if needed)
Please let us know if you and/or your Guest (s) are a Kappan or Guest (s).
If you are a guest attending, are you interested in membership with our chapter?

All reservation forms are e-mailed to Tereasa Lynch and the official PDK McIntosh e-mail.
If you wish to contact us with further questions about our upcoming meetings, feel free to e-mail or phone contact Tereasa Lynch:  770-253-0245

Thank you for using our Registration form.  It keeps us from wasting money on dinners not used  and continue to use it for our Teachers in our community.