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Phi Delta Kappa Awards

Please consider nominating candidates for this year’s annual award program to be held next spring. This awards program is designed to honor individuals who advocate public education in various roles. Outstanding achievement in several professional areas will be recognized. These awards may be received by Kappans or non-members.

McIntosh Trail Chapter Awards for 2005-2006 will include:

 * Outstanding First Year Teacher Award
 * Outstanding Student Teacher Award
 * Outstanding Student in Education Award
 * Community Service in Education Award

To honor a first year teacher, a student teacher, a student in preparation for teaching, and an outstanding individual of the community who has made significant contributions to education will be the emphasis for this year’s recognition.

Criteria for selecting the award recipients:

 * Contributions to public education
Contributions recognized in terms of Phi Delta Kappa
   ideals of leadership,
research, service, practice, and/or
Contributions on basis of long term efforts, significant
   individual accomplishments and/or future services

Provide a narrative of why you feel this nominee/s should receive a PDK Chapter Award. Include other references to support your nominee. Include your nominee’s school, position, postal address, email address, phone numbers, and any other contact information.

Include nominating Kappan’s s school, position, postal address, email address, phone numbers and any other contact information.

Send completed nomination forms or documentation to: Ruth Cooper

42 Camellia Circle

Newnan, GA 30263



Please Contact Ruth Cooper, Awards Chair, for any questions about Nominations: